Page last updated 30.Apr 2002

All these Dyno-runs are performed on my 1998 Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit.

All the parts used, have been purchased from HOLESHOT.



This is the bike in stock condition.


This is the bike with only the Holeshot Vortex Slipon, nothing else. As you can see, it has an incredible increase in power. I live in Norway, and the bike is fitted with the Trottle positioning sensor. The European bikes are apparantly not jetted as lean as the US bikes, and may explain the complete elimination of the flatspot.



Holeshot Vortex, and Stage 1 jetting



Holeshot Vortex, HS Stage 1 jetting and HS 5deg ignition advancer. On the day I performed the run with the advancer installed, it was 3 deg. celsius cooler, and this resulted in a 3% reduction on the correction factor (from 0.99 to 0.96).



This is the latest mod I have done, this clearly shows the advantage of adding a 2" hole.

Current setup: Holeshot Vortex, HS Stage 1 jetting with 2" hole[ Mainjets 127.5, HS-nedles at 2nd notch with original shims installed, pilot jet #32.5, screws at 2 3/4 turn out from lightly seated. Floats at 12.5mm !(Supposed to be 14.7 mm, but when it works this good, I don't have any plans to fix it)]. and HS 5deg ignition advancer


This graph shows the total gain of the mods, not bad with an increase of 19HP and LOTS of torque !!! I LOVE this bike




The next step, is fitting a hayabusa engine to my bike, this would result in a gain similar to this : (My Bandit, compared to a local GSXR1300 Hayabusa)

I guess this last mod, will remain in my dreams.......

Future modifications include:

- Vortex™ Stepped Header

- GSX-R intake cam

- High Compression Piston Kit


For those of you woundering how the torque of the B1200 compares to a HD, have a look at this. This shows the Bandit stock, and tuned, compared to a -95 Fat Boy.

This is a picture of my bike as of april 2002, fitted with the stepped header.
Click for a Large picture, works great as a wallpaper!

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