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Kingmax DDR400 Memory

Review Date 16.05.2002
Revised NA
Manufacturer Kingmax
Author Webmaster and Jason


In our search for a good memory module, we tested the Kingmax DDR400 module.

Click for a larger image

Close up of the memory module


Test systems:

System 2
Mother board Epox 8k3a+ Asus P4S533 SIS645dx

Unlocked AMD XP1900

Pentium 4 1.8GHz Northwood
Capable of 2.6GHz
Cooling Watercooled with Koolance Stock fan
PSU Enermax 550W Chieftec 340W
Hard Drive IBM 80GB 120GXP Western Digital 80GB

Nvidia 28.32
Via 4in1 4.38

Nvidia 28.32
SIS AGP 1.09
Kingmax DDR400
Sisoft Sandra 2002
Windows XP Pro. 5.01.2600


We quickly realized that the memory module did not perform as advertised.

Test system 1:
On the Epox board we where not able to run the memory at the rated speed of 200MHz ( 400MHz DDR), no matter what we tried. This board allows memory voltages to be raised all the way up to 3.2V. It has almost all the adjustments you can think of with regards to memory timings, but to no avail. The system would not pas the post screen with the memory running at speeds exceeding 192MHz.

Test system 2:
The Asus board would not boot at 200MHz ( 400MHz DDR) with the memory at default voltage. When we raised the voltage to 2.9V and set the system to run with conservative timings, the system finally booted at at 200MHz memory speed. Actually we where now able to run the memory at 217MHz (435MHz DDR). Which is the only time we bothered to test the memory speed. 200MHz has already been achieved with the excellent PC2100 memory at the review of the Asus P4S533 card.



This was obviously a faulty memory module (hopefully), we therefore choose not to rate this memory. If there is any resellers that want to have their high rated memory modules tested, you are welcome to send us a sample.