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Page Created 20. Mars 2002
Overclocking Abit KR7A Raid


We have earlier on tweaked the motherboard as far as it would go, one of the possible limitations were the lack of higher memory voltage. We had already voltmodded the Vcore by soldering a 22kOhm resistor to the Hip 6301 chip, this resulted in a increase of 0,2V to feed on to the XP1800.


With 2,05Vcore and maxed out on memory voltage (2.85V) the system fluctuated on a FSB of 195. We bought the Thermaltake active memory cooling kit, mounted it on the memory module and reached a FSB of 200.
We achieved this speed before the new bios upgrade arrived. When the bios upgrade came we flashed it only to find out that it could go to a FSB of 250 but we couldn't go any higher than the 200. Damn.


Well the search was on, and one day we found it, thanks a lot to "Blackice" at the OK.no forum that led us to the mods4me site. We will like to point out for you that the graphics shown on the page with the vmem modding are not correct, the wrong pins are marked, follow the instructions given in the text! Well as you can see we performed the modding with a little twist, in this case just to give us the oppertunity of turning it off without dismantle it. The voltmod with the 4kOhm resistor gave us an extra 0,35V for the memory for a total of 3.2V. We were pretty excited when it all worked out well.


Mother board Abit KR7A-Raid

AMD XP1800

Cooling Watercooled with Koolance
Memory 256MB Twinmos PC2100
PSU Enermax 550W
Graphics Card Leadtek GF3 Ti200 TDH Overclocked
Hard Drive IBM 80GB 120GXP

Nvidia 27.42
Via 4in1 4.38

Programs WCPUID version 3.0d
Sisoft sandra v. 2002.1.8.59
OS Windows XP Pro. 5.01.2600


Here are the scores of the mod itself and the results pretty much speaks for itself.

The memory score was achieved with the module set at cas 2,5, bank int.leave 4, 3,5,3 2T

The performance of the graphics card is highly dependent of the memoryperformance. This clearly shows in the results of the overclocked GF3 Ti200 card.


Tests performed by Jason and Webmaster