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Page created 03.April 2002
Overclocking Abit KR7A Raid Page2


In our attempt to reach even higher scores, we attached some modified heatsinks to the mosfet transistors (A Zalman northbridge heatsink was sacrificed for the job).An ekstra 80mm fan was installed to keep these cool. Well as you can see on your right it came out pretty ok.


This setup enabled us to raise the FSB to 213MHz (even pushed it to 215, but the system was not stable). The lack of dividers results in an AGP speed of 106MHz, and a PCI speed of 53MHz. This screenshot may add some information to the ongoing discussion concidering the existence of an 1/5 and even 1/6 divider on the KR7A mainboard.


The memory score was achieved at an FSB of 213, CPU multiplier 8,0. Cpu at fast command and memory set at cas 2. 4-way, 3, 5, 3, 2T.




We have seen higher FSB's been achieved with other mainboards, but we will like to point out that most of those tests was performed with PC2700 (333MHz DDR) and PC3000 memory modules, this is a PC2100 (266MHz DDR) running at 426MHz.DDR.
To be honest we don't think we can squeeze out more of this system than we already have, but it would have been nice to give the upcoming DDR400 a go.

Tests performed by Jason and Webmaster